Mountainpeak Merge Shop
Name Price
Sword_Table.png Desolation of Goliath Flaming Orbs x100,
20,000 Copper
Sword_Table.png Infernal Dark Blade of Cruelty Flaming Orbs x75,
20,000 Copper
Dagger_Table.png Virtue Flaming Orbs x150,
25,000 Copper
Dagger_Table.png Desolation of Goliath Flaming Orbs x45,
35,000 Copper
Armor_Table.png Dark Shadow Knight Flaming Orbs x160,
55,000 Copper
Armor_Table.png Revontheus (New) Flaming Orbs x300,
900 Diamonds
Armor_Table.png Prometheus Flaming Orbs x500,
150,000 Copper
Armor_Table.png Shadow Hunter Flaming Orbs x180,
500 Diamonds
Helmet_table.png Dark Shadow Armet Flaming Orbs x50,
45,000 Copper
Helmet_table.png Prometheus Helm Flaming Orbs x100,
7,500 Copper
Helmet_table.png Soul Eater Flaming Orbs x50,
12,000 Copper
Cloak_Table.png Vampire Bats Flaming Orbs x30 ,
5,000 Copper
Cloak_Table.png Prometheus Rings Flaming Orbs x100 ,
15,000 Copper

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