Light Realm Merge Shop
Name Price
Sword_Table.png Blade of Lighthavens Aranx Shard x120,
15,000 Copper
Sword_Table.png Blade of Loyalty Aranx Shard x100,
12,000 Copper
Dagger_Table.png Abyssal Lightning Orbs Aranx Shard x125,
300 Diamonds
Dagger_Table.png Light Rouge Katanas Aranx Shard x15,
15,000 Copper
Mace_Table.png Hammers of Shining Justice Aranx Shard x30,
15,000 Copper
Polearm_Table.png Spear of Honor Aranx Shard x100,
20,000 Copper
Staff_Table.png Wand of Glory Aranx Shard x40,
7,500 Copper
Armor_Table.png LightCaster Aranx Shard x200,
45,000 Copper
Helmet_table.png LightCaster Helm Aranx Shard x10,
100 Diamonds
Helmet_table.png LightCaster Hood Aranx Shard x15,
7,500 Copper
Cloak_Table.png LightCaster Glowing Runes Aranx Shard x50 ,
2,600 Copper
Cloak_Table.png LightCaster Runic Cape Aranx Shard x25 ,
6,500 Copper
Pet_Table.png Mini Aranx Pet Aranx Shard x100 ,
5,000 Copper

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